Rwanda Education for All Coalitions together discussed the outcome of the document (position paper) on improving access to quality inclusive education for children with disabilities in Rwanda aiming to provide a complex environment that will bring changes to the education sector and community through support and police advocacy.

REFAC members presenting their ideas on position paper (inclusion education to disabilities)

They debated on the draft (position paper) on inclusive education to disabilities and comment to the project that will benefit community by observing the education policy to disabilities that will have a direct impact to disabilities.
The debate was made to inspire participants to have an overview of what is position paper, REFAC advocated for new changes and influence policy makers to add value on the recommended objectives and policy review to education for disabilities.

Group discussion on what can be done to improve access to quality inclusive education for children with disabilities in Rwanda, comment on position paper presented to add value.

Groups of four members each were provided questions to discuss and give comment on what can be done to have a learning environment to disabilities following their experience and with reference to the position paper draft, each group presented its finding and outlined the paper to all group members, this discussion brought a great significant and enriches the document to start up with new innovative and technical idea to the project.

Members of REFAC presenting their findings on the given position paper, to know them understand and draw their attention to the topic

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