Meeting with Rwanda Education Board

Rwanda Education for All Coalition had a meeting with Rwanda Education Board to discuss possibilities of having a mathematics competition to primary schools’ level 5, the aim of this competition was to select and identify talented students and promote them in the area of specializations, again to motivate them in STEM subjects at the earliest stage.

The meeting was successful and few details were discussed, to succeed this activity few notes were agreed
1. To write a concept note explaining the need assessment in regards to mathematics competition
2. To request districts to provide 5 best schools and 5 weak performance schools for proper assessment of the competition
3. Competition only to focus on primary four and five pupils
4. Submit names of the selected schools and concept note for their acceptance

Attendees to this meeting were…
Rwanda Education Board: National Coordinator and Program Manager:
Rwanda education Board: Head of Department, Head of Mathematics Section and Section of Data Management

Kigali, 05th October 2018

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